A rare ocelot, also known as a dwarf leopard, was found dead November 7th at the side of highway 100 near the Rio Grande Valley in Texas after being struck by a vehicle.

The area, next to the militarily-imposed border with Mexico, is home to the only breeding ocelot population in the United States. Less than 50 of the cats are believed to live in the wild throughout the country. Habitat destruction in the wake of commercial and residential development is typically blamed for the their declining numbers; it is estimated that around 40 percent of ocelots in the area have been killed by automobile traffic over recent decades.

Though a myriad of factors contribute to the death of this ocelot and many other endangered species, they boil down to capitalism. Under a system regulated through profit and sustained through market expansion, environmental and species preservation becomes counter-intuitive and are typically enacted as last-minute measures to mitigate the inherent natural consequences. In this case, forms of housing and transportation which are unwarranted from the perspective of overall and long-term use value (yet are very profitable) are preferred and promoted to the detriment of local natural habitats. Not only does this result in the unnecessary death of this and other animals on roads and highways around the world, it stamps out the very existence of whole species.

Creating a world in which animals are respected and protected is possible. Communism, the rational and democratic satisfaction of human wants and needs, is necessarily predicated on the preservation and restoration of natural habitats and wild species. Under a communist society, engendering long-term ecological health, not profit, is a regulative economic principle. 

However, communism will not be achieved without a fight. Instead, a new better world will be brought about by a period of pitched class struggle in all arenas of life: political, economic, military, and culture. In this historic epoch of socialist struggles, various classes and groups must be united in common interest against the existing capitalist productive and social relations. Revolutions must occur. State power must be seized. Capitalist-imperialism must be cut off at its base: the exploitation of a global Third World-centered proletariat. And ultimately, Occupied North America and other First World countries must be liberated from this destructive, parasitic system and the ruling and ‘middle’ classes which uphold and benefit from it.

For countless species, capitalist-imperialism is literally a death machine. Through the drawn-out and all-around struggle for communism, capitalism will be abolished and ecological regeneration will become a normative principle of economics.


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