We received this question about our previous post ‘Green Maoism’. QUESTION I’ve read your text on Earth first! and I found strange that you do not speak about the ideology of considering nature has having a value in itself. It is the basic ideology of Earth First and the point is to accept it or not. […]

The following report illustrates just one of the alarming problems with capitalist-imperialism. As the articles correctly notes, problems such as environmental destruction are innate to the current system. For life to thrive, capitalist-imperialism must be eliminated and a new economic system build which places a premium on the long-term interest of the world’s majority. Capitalist-imperialism can not be […]

Recently in New York City, hundred of thousands rallied around the cause of climate change under the banner, the ‘People’s Climate March.’ The goal, according to organizers, was to pressure “world leaders” gathered at the UN Climate Change Summit to take a more aggressive stance on environmental issues. On the surface, such a ‘People’s Climate […]

Over the passed two weeks, contradictions inherent to US society have boiled over to protest and resistance. The impetus was the shooting of 18-year-old Mike Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, part of an ongoing country-wide reign of terror against the Black (New African) nation. Fed up not only with the shooting but also by […]

Originally published by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons A new report from Global Witness documents over 900 assassinations of people protecting the environment and rights to land in the last decade.(1) And this is just the ones they could find information on, meaning the real number is higher. Of course, none of those killed […]

By Amaranta S. In Western philosophy man and nature have always been characterized as oppositional forces. Therefore it follows that man must triumph over nature in order to survive. The philosophy of Thomas Hobbes, the first liberal thinker, was built entirely upon this dichotomous understanding. According to Hobbes, the only way for humans to survive […]

By Kelly Reed All of the world’s ecosystems experience small changes on an ongoing basis, but over time have relatively stable characteristics. For example, in a given year a prairie may receive more or less precipitation, more or less nutrient input, or more or less grazing by herbivores, but over time it maintains a relatively […]