[The following interview was conducted and first published by the June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners on the importance of prisoner support work for revolutionary political prisoners. The audio recording for the interview will be included here. Although written from the perspective of Anarchist activists, the content of this […]

Earlier we had reported on a mass-die off in the Pacific Ocean. While it is correct to say biodiversity in the oceans has severely decreased (and has been some time), portions of the report were based on of false information. A letter from a reader cleared up a lot of things for us: The disaster at […]

Members of the Revolutionary Ecology editorial team have been working alongside comrades from across the  burgeoning Maoism (Third Worldism) movement to compile a collection of essays and shorter articles titled The Weapon of Theory: A Maoist (Third Worldist) Reader.  This collection is intended to be an introduction to revolutionary theory and Marxist political economy. As revolutionary […]

I recently had the great opportunity to be a guest on Air Amarteifio Radio to discuss Maoism (Third Worldism), the ecological effects of capitalism, and the state and movement of modern society. Big thanks to Ruthann Amerteifio for letting me make the appearence. – Nikolai Brown