Contributors Wanted

Revolutionary Ecology is a collaborative project that is always seeking new new writers and editors to contribute news, analysis, and theory regarding capitalism, the environment, and the struggle for revolutionary change. If you have an idea for an article and are more or less on the same page as the political line presented on this blog, you are strongly encouraged to contact us to get involved.

revolutionaryaim [@]

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  1. Greetings comrades. Glad to have found a group like yours as I believe a combination of Maoism and radical environmentalism is a necessary and potent response to what faces us.

    As I write the Mexican authorities are clamping down on people’s militias set up to take on the drug cartels and their allies in the police and local government. Another issue for the militias has been illegal logging. This inspiring documentary from last year shows the work of one such people’s militia in Cheran, Michoacan state.


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