Revolutionary Ecology is a collaborative project that seeks to popularize Marxism within the environmentalist and animal liberation movements.

We are facing a wave of ecological devastation and mass extinction caused by the development of capitalism. Burning fossil fuels, overfishing, mining, factory farming, global warming, commodity production, the imperialist war machine, exorbitant First World lifestyles, exploitative international trade and the global division of labor, exportation of waste to the Third World, and deforestation are destroying the Earth and threaten all life upon it.

We are quite literally faced with two options: Communism or annihilation.

We live on a planet with very finite resources and capitalism, by its very nature, necessitates infinite growth and accumulation. Therefore, it is incapable of creating a society that is just and sustainable.

We can not vote or buy our way out of the mess capitalism has created. The problems we face require a revolution! We must destroy it and bring forth a new system that places the needs of humanity and the planet first! This system is Communism.

The rate of consumption in the First World must be greatly reduced to sustainable levels. New forms of employment that can help mend the planet must be created. The property of the bourgeoisie must be expropriated and used to serve the people. Supply chain lengths must be greatly shortened and international trade must be reduced to a minimum. Sane and non-exploitative development in the Third World must begin.

These goals are antithetical to the nature of capitalism and require a planned socialist economy to achieve.

Revolutionary Ecology aims to inspire and engage in revolutionary struggle for a new world in which all of humanity has what it needs to survive and the planet is allowed to regenerate and thrive!

Dare to struggle! Dare to win!

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